“Amazing workshop, to the point and fun activities at the same time. Would love to see more of your work”

Anonymous, participant in-company training

“I love your enthusiasm! Perfect timing of exercise, you kept it active and constant change. Don’t forget spellcheck next time, but otherwise keep going!”

Marica T., participant of “be the leader” training

“When I started working with Katy I didn’t know much about coaching. I thought she will give me advise, but instead she helped me find the potential that was hidden inside me. She always asked good questions and helped me set the plan to achieve my goals.”

Anonymous from UK, 1-2-1 coaching – business you

“I was impressed by Katy’s accuracy and attention to detail, as a reviewer of my CV. Her input upgraded it on perfection scale!”

Tatiana from Romania, 1-2-1 coaching – find your dream job

“Great approach to the topic, exercises to the point, amazing energy. Didn’t realize that you can learn about management and communication in such a fun way”

Victoria form UK, company workshop – management tools in building the team

“I had a change to work on 10 sessions. Week by week we skyped and analysed possibilities of the next step in my life and career. It was the best choice! Katy is amazing coach and gets to the point.”

Anonymous, 1-2-1 coaching – business you

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