Speech Workshops

make your pitch sound

Do you want to learn few tips for your next pitch speech?

Do you want your audience to hear you from the first word you say?


  • learn 3 important steps of pitch speech
  • build your pitch sentence to answer what do you do
  • an answer to the question: should you be faithful to your pitch?
  • chance to practice
  • gain confidence

build the confident speech

Do you want to build and practice your PITCH SPEECH?

Do you want to build your speech talent?



  • understand the psychology of pitching
  • learn the importance of saying “I AM A UNICORN”
  • Have a short pitch speech ready before the end of the evening
  • a chance to practice your speech talent
  • gain confidence

the truth about the stage

Do you fear to speak in front of others?

Do you fear even more if you are asked to hold the microphone?


  • tips and tricks on how to prepare for the speech
  • making microphone your friend
  • body language tips and tricks
  • the truth about the audience
  • gain stage confidence


Each workshop lasts about 2.5 hrs and you will have a chance to take a stand and speak. More about the comming up dates see upcoming events


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