personal branding makeover

Do you feel that you can do and be better?

Would you like to make a change but not sure where to start?

Would you like to see if you can create your personal brand?

YES, so how about a Personal Branding Makeover

Personal branding makeover is there to help you

  • Master your life in line with your values
  • Create your vision and mission statement
  • Find the unique factor of your personal brand
  • Build an outstanding resume and/or LinkedIn profile
  • Use storytelling to share your expertise
  • Brand yourself online and offline
  • Build and share valuable content via pictures and videos
  • Know how to use your body language and voice in favour of your personal brand
  • Master your branding conversations


Timing and structure


2 meetings each lasting 60-minute

– a quick CV and LinkedIn personal branding tips



6 weeks with 6 meetings, each lasting 60-minute

– all from Bronze Package

– review of your values, mission and vision

– review the online profile of your choice (LinkedIn, Facebook, Website, Instagram)

– list improvements and bring the weekly exercises to support



9 weeks with 9 meetings, each lasting 60-minute

– all from Silver Package

– pitch speech for your brand

– support to create a content strategy



How we meet?

We meet over Skype or Zoom or in a nice coffee in Luxembourg. After each meeting, you will receive a set of tasks to complete before the next one (for silver and gold packages)

Get in touch to set a 20-minute discovery call.
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