Manager’s Marathon

When a sports’ coach was about to support a non-runner to run a marathon. He said:

“It needs 6 months to prepare you to run a marathon, but we have only 3…

                                                 so …

                                                                     we will focus on half-marathon first”.

And it took the challenging work and planning of 3 months to prepare a non-runner to be successful and finish a half-marathon in time below 2 hours and 30 minutes.


Based on this story we created a program for managers that is a combination of coaching and training sessions that are provided during the 3 or 6 months. That program also includes the exchange of email correspondence and additional exercises to keep the focus on achievements. The program agenda varies depending on the company needs.


Participants who will successfully complete the program will be awarded with the certificate of completion that will acknowledge the skills they had developed.

  • 9-12 half-day training sessions that build managerial mindset and sharpen skills,
  • topics like: team motivation and effectiveness, organizing and running meetings, communication, management of processes, people management, giving feedback, reporting
  • detailed training topics are individually discussed with each client, depending on needs and values of the company
  • training is enhanced with bi-weekly one-to-one coaching sessions (60 or 90 minutes depending on the dynamics), where each manager has the chance to work on his or her day-to-day challenges
  • training includes a team building exercises
  • training ends with a game that summarises the whole program

The detailed form of the training depends if you look to have a marathon (6 months) or half-marathon (3 months) program.


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