Katy Dyzewska

My name is Katy Dyzewska I am a Business Edutainer.

What does it mean?

It means that I save people from boring workshops, presentations and speeches. Having another speaker bragging about presenting 44 slides in 1 hours in the way it sounds like an amazing achievement, I just can’t stand it. Any topic can be taught in the funny, active and attractive way. During my workshop you I will talk, but I will also let you experience and learn in your own time.

The first step to change my life and follow my dreams was to pursue Masters in Business Administration studies. There I quickly confirmed the feeling I always had, that the great business means great people. I learned a lot from my fellow students in Belgium. I also realized that my life mission is to support people in achieving their goals and in the change process toward their dreams. How better to do it then via speeches and workshops.

Today I could say I live a double life. I am a holder of Master’s Degree in Economics and Masters in Business Administration. I am also a certified Business Trainer and Coach. In a certain way I still keep in touch with the finance world, but at the same time, I work actively as Trainer and Coach. Why? Because, during the 10 years of my career in the financial sector, I realized there is more I can do in my life than reports. Plus I always liked to talk… a lot.

I help Managers and Entrepreneurs

  • to build confidence on the stage
  • to deliver the unforgettable speech
  • to create strong personal brand
  • to build the confidence and communication in business


You can find me on LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook


I still have many status quo to challenge so I keep on going…

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