Katy Dyzewska

My name is Katy Dyzewska I am a Business Edutainer and Coach.


I could say I live a double life. I am a holder of Master’s Degree in Economics, who works as a finance consultant in Luxembourg, but at the same time… I work actively as a Business Edutainer and Coach.

I work with individuals and managers in all Europe; who would like to make a change in their life and in the life of their company.

During the 10 years of my career in the financial sector I realized there is more I can create in my life than reports.

The first step to change my life and follow my dreams was to pursue MBA studies. I quickly confirmed the feeling I always had, that the great business means great people. I learned a lot from my colleagues at Vlerick in Belgium. I also realized that my life mission is to support people in achieving their goals and in the change process toward their dreams.

I am certified Business Trainer and Coach. Personally, I believe in constant development that is why I never stop learning or challenging myself.

Currently, I prepare workshops for individuals and managers. I support their dreams and build their confidence to achieve their goals. I use in my work teaching by experiencing and I also use coaching techniques, which help you get deeper in the change.

I help people find their strong skills and build strength from areas they like to improve. My workshops help understand oneself and build the strong managers and achievers.

I myself have many dreams and many goals. Each day I learn something new… something that I lets me achieve my goals to step by step.