Katy Dyzewska the Edutainer

My name is Katy Dyzewska I am an Edutainer.

What does it mean?

It means that I save people from boring workshops, presentations and speeches. Having another speaker bragging about presenting 44 slides in 1 hour in the way it sounds like an amazing achievement, I just can’t stand it. Any topic can be taught in the funny, active and attractive way. During my workshop you I will talk, but I will also let you experience and learn on your own.

I am a speaker, but I also help others to speak up and deliver confident speeches.

I provide workshops and coaching for your team and help you create great business leaders from your managers.

I am a personal branding support and strategist, and would be happy to help you in your carear and business journey.

I challenge the status quo on the daily basis and I keep on going…

You can find me on LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook

…more about Katy…

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