Do you wear colour?

Do you wear colour?   For years I have been wearing red shoes instead of ordinary black to the finance office.   But not only red high heels (despite my height already). I have been wearing red sneakers, red lipstick, red jacket, red scarf, red hat...   Why? Not because I want to be visible. … Continue reading Do you wear colour?

What can you do to develop yourself free of charge?

Hi, It took me a while to create and upload my #1stvideo (#linkedInVideo) it as I was looking for a topic that would be valuable to everybody around. The right topic came to be in a form of question asked by my friends, my clients, my prospects and even by strangers just met at a … Continue reading What can you do to develop yourself free of charge?

overcome your fear – my 1st youtube

It took me much more than I expected, but it only makes me more proud that achieved it by myself. I know it might not be perfect, but I am happy I recorded it and posted on youtube. There are goals and challenges we put in front of us and it is up to us … Continue reading overcome your fear – my 1st youtube

3 main conversation rules

Dear Manager, How often do you listen to your staff? How often do you stop judging and making assumptions? How often do you simply ask others how they are doing? Not the “How are you?” that is often used instead of “Hello,” and the moment people realize that you were talking to them, you are … Continue reading 3 main conversation rules

Don’t avoid your employee

A while ago, Barbara told me that she has been waiting four months to talk to her manager. She wanted to talk about her future development and position in the company. She wanted to talk because a nice position recently became available, and Barbara felt that she was a perfect fit for it. She asked … Continue reading Don’t avoid your employee