Couch Talks #2

If you follow me on #YouTube you probably noticed that the second chapter of #CouchTalks is out. If not take a look at this amazing story of Elfi ( Eleftheria Koufogeorgu) who is a co-creator of LuxKidsLab a company that helps kids understand science. But not only, they do a bit more. Take a look … Continue reading Couch Talks #2

What personal branding really is?

I prepared some short answers for the 99 question I collected from my clients, prospects, cooperators and friends.   Question #1 What Personal Branding really is?   answered see the video below and let me know how you liked it  

3 tips about styling from Neha

Do you remember the episode with Neha from my first CouchTalks interview? She was so amazing that she decided to give us 3 tips about how to be efficient in dressing up and what to invest in while paying for your style. Take a look on this 2 minutes video to hear the tips. As … Continue reading 3 tips about styling from Neha