October was…

Today is 1 November a day when in my home country (Poland) people visit the cemetery to put a candle and flowers on the graves of those who left us already. Each year I miss this day’s sublime atmosphere full of magic, memories and mesmerising lights. It always makes me wonder about life…

Since I am doing my monthly life/business summary with using of some great coaching questions, today I will not only keep memories of those who have left but also about what I had done and achieved last month.

What happened?

My LinkedIn connections are boosting and I am especially happy about building some great connections in my home country and also on the other side of the globe.
I also have 2 new workshop contracts for the next year and I am seriously excited about those. First will be about communication within a team, and the workshop will be done for 3 teams that the company is made of. The second one is about company branding in social media or actually about how to engage your staff to be more supportive in the social media world.

What am I proud of?

I am proud of the latest speech by my client. I got invited to watch his speech so, as he said, he would have at least one person who will listen. It went over the moon. He got standing ovations and his managers were in shock how well he improved his presentation skills since September. It was hard work, but his determination and the fact he did all the exercises I asked made me extremely happy.

What I could do better?

I could probably make those calls I planned and write the emails I wanted so I could push a bit further with getting my goals achieved.

What are my conclusions?

Need to focus on my content strategy which I hope to figure out for the next 2-3 month ahead with a help of a professional movie maker. I will not say more, but I definitely plan to rebuild a bit my YouTube channel.

What are my goals for the next month?

– make videos look better
– make more activity over Instagram
– rethink changes for the YouTube
– build strategies for month +3

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