Tag or not to tag? On Social Media

To tag or not to tag people in your messages? One of my mentors said it is not polite to tag a person you know only online, whereas another one said it is ok to tag people even if you do not know them in person, but you are connected online (for example, on LinkedIn).

You can watch it on YouTube or scroll down to read…

I agree and adhere more to the second opinion. LinkedIn is about connecting and engaging and getting to know people, even those people who are miles or kilometres away (miles just seems nicer, doesn’t it?).


I like to tag people to hear their opinion on a topic that touches me.

I like to tag people who do similar work to mine when I share a certain tip because I love to hear if they agree with me or if they have another approach. That creates a discussion we all can follow and learn from.

I like to tag friends and people I met during live networking events to boost the awareness of the audience that things like this happen and are amazing to join.

How about you? Do you tag people? Why or why not?

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