September was…

I didn’t share this one in a long time but I think I should come back to this idea both for me and for you. The first day of the next month always makes me think and look at the previous month to get some learning points.

What happened?

I had a chance to go to some amazing networking events. I also build up more contacts here on LinkedIn and I am amazed by any new connection I have. It is an awesome way to connect with people all over the globe.

What am I proud of?

The second chapter out Couch Talks is out (you can watch it here) and two more are in the making (trailer of the next one is here). Plus a list of ladies I need to email with my proposed questions is getting longer and longer. 🙂

What I could do better?

Still struggling with confidence in pricing, but already found a solution. I am going to work a bit with a money mindset coach in October and will definitely let you know how it went.

What are my conclusions?

Need to refocus a bit more and find more time record. I got all scripts but would like also to share spontaneous things I still fear to share.

What are my goals for the next month?

  • record at 2 more CouchTalks interviews
  • ring some amazing HR managers who are a part of my amazing contacts
  • engage more and more with videos
  • build more details about my work


How about you? Care to answer above questions…

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