Who do you want to be?

I was challenged on #LinkedIn to share 7 stories that brought 7 lessons in my life.

This is the 1st.

Let me know your thoughts

Below also the text version if you prefer to read 🙂


When I was looking to find myself, to reinvent myself. to find out who I want to be and what is my purpose (and I wasn’t at age of 7 or 12 at that time), I came across big names like Marie Forelo, Tony Robbins, Gary Vee and I wanted to be like them.

I wanted to be heard and be able to pass my message to thousands or even millions of people. I wanted to help people and make them realize that they can change to confidence and they can live the life they want. But I realized that I had a blockage point in my head and I need to work over first.

The blockage was that I wanted to be a 2nd Marie Forleo, a 2nd Tony Robbins, a 2nd Gary Vee and this would never, ever be possible. Why?

Because I am me. I have my own special purpose and meaning of life, I am a unicorn and I need to cherish it.

Do not ever put yourself on the 2nd place. Do not try to be the copy of somebody else. Be the first on your list. Being you is most important in business and in life. People want to connect with you and not with a copy of someone else.

It is great to have role models and people you admire, learn from, but be yourself.

I want to be one and only KatyDEdutainer. I want to be my amazing self. Never forget that you are you, an amazing being with a purpose and power of life.

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