I recently noticed the new # around #10tips10days where during 10 days people share different tips about their life, business and personal development. I also noticed that to get involved in it people nominate other people to share their tips.

In case you prefer to watch and listen pop to my youtube, if you prefer reading go on below, nonetheless do not forget to let me know your thoughts.


I decided to nominate today…


That is also my tip #1 DO NOT WAIT until someone tags you into the movement. If there is a movement or hashtag (like this one) that speaks to you, do not wait until someone will gratefully post your name and ask you to join. If the public does not know you well yet, you might get tagged when the marketing heat wave will pass.

If you feel like joining the movement or campaign both online and offline DO IT. It is you and you only who can decide whether to do something or not to do. It is simple as that: if there is a hashtag you would like to use, the movement you would like to join or a person you would like to get to know.

Do it and don’t wait for the invitation… because sometime… it might never come and you will lose the momentum.


This one would be about communication online.

The easiest is to click and wait. However, when I receive such invite I am a bit hesitant and first, check the person. Communication on social media is important especially when you would like to connect with people you never met. Often we use an easy way to click and wait, but there is another way you can use and it is not that much complicated. For example on #LinkedIn there is a button ‘MORE’ or ‘…’ where you click and find ‘personalize invite’. USE IT! If you met the person just remind them where and where. If you never met write them what made you click on that button.

Things which are most welcome are: I liked your article, last update or I am interested in what a person with such job title does. It will definitely catch their eye and they will not feel strange to you.

Same as you start a conversation in the bar or networking of some sort. You do not come to people saying “I want your email and phone number, thank you, bye bye” You start to find things you have in common or complement the other person. So… if you do it nicely in offline life why not to put it into online life as well?


A tip related to my work and passion – #Publicspeking

People often ask, what do I do that I am so confident and good when speaking.

I have one tip for that…

Or actually 3 tips in one 😉

#3P is my secret.


Practice And…

Guess what… Practice

Indeed do it and don’t often. If you don’t know where to practice you can join a Toastmasters Club like PC4EClub or hire an amazing speech coach such as me 😉 The best solution would be to combine the two. A coach can build with you the basis, tell you what you are good at and guide you thru what could be improved. A club like #Toastmasters will help you to practice in front of the audience. Your fellow Toastmasters would be also happy to give you creative feedback on your speech.

So remember pracitce*3

Practice under the shower…

Practice when you make a sandwich…

Practice even in your dreams…


I keep on #publicspeaking and this tip is about the power of the pause. Do not be afraid of the pause when you speak.

Use it wisely:

– To get yourself a moment to remember what to say next

– To take a deeper breath

– To keeps silence before saying something very very important

– To acknowledge the audience presence

Of course, when you will pause for 30sec on more it could be suspicious and the audience might think you already finished 🙂 Otherwise, remember that good pause makes you the king of the stage. Good luck and do not forget… …the power of the pause

Good luck and do not forget… …the power of the pause


I would like to tell you what is the most important thing when you prepare the speech.

It is:

Not about the number of people in the room

Not about the size of the room or the stage

Not about powerpoint or other devices you will use

Not even about the topic of the speech It is about the receivers.

Tip #5 is Know your audience Answer the following questions to get to know them: Where are they from?.. What they have in common?.. What culture and countries they come from?.. Do they work for one company?.. What is the age range?.. Would it be all women, all men, all kids or any kind of mix of the above?.. Get to know them before preparing the speech. This way you will know better what to say and how to say it.


Someone told me that the best #publicspeaking tip is to imagine people without their clothes on. I am not so sure about that. I saw people being stressed before the speech and then burst into laughter when they tried that. Instead, I have a tip that always works for me.

Imagine you speak to one person only.

You can choose a random person from the crowd and think that only he/she is there to listen to you with no judgement. Even better if you choose your biggest fan, your admirer. The best if you speak to someone dear to your heart. If you make your speech to a person you know will listen to you with love and passion, the stress will magically go away. It is after all the person who will always believe in you and follow you no matter what. Delivery the speech to that one person and it is certain that more than one person will be clapping their hands at the end of your speech.


Let’s talk this time about…


Not about #publicspeaking 😉 The last 4 tips I decided to focus on #personalbranding

The basic of the basic of the basic of personal branding.

Know your values.

You got to know yourself. You got to know what rocks in your ❤️. This is the first and the most difficult step in creating your brand but you can do it. Finding what is your music will help you much more to explain it to others and present your brand.


Set your goals

Once you get to know your values you should build your goals list Values show where you come from and goals assure you will know where are you going. Make sure you set yourself big #goals to reach and then create a path with a small step by step goals you need to achieve in order to get near to the big one.

Keep your goal board, excel file, list, however, you gonna call in so you can see them and keep your focus.

Do not forget to cross out those that are achieved and put a new one on board.


Once you know what are your values and where you come from (tip #7) and what are your goals to reach (tip #8) After handling those you got to think about who are you addressing, who you would like to have as your followers and students, what struggles do you solve? Yes, do think about it before you dress them. If your brand is about getting your career to another better company target the member of that entity as your audience. If you are saving stifles of mumpreneurs, address them in your articles and speeches. Always remember who are these amazing people you would like to engage with.


Yes, we are on the final one and I feel as I could keep on going further. This one connected to #personalbranding but not only.

Stay Authentic

Be true to yourself, your values, your future, your emotion

The only thing you might add to that is to always be the better version of you from yesterday. There is no need to copy others. Get inspiration from others of course but why to be like them is you can be amazing, unique you.

Hope you enjoyed the tips.

I will be back soon with more.


Let me know in the comments what do you think about the article.

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