I am a coach…

I am a coach 🙂

A friend of mine said once that coaching is a bit like couching. You sit on the couch and coach. That is how one of my projects was born.

It connects to the coach means ME and any comfortable couch. But having just those two elements wouldn’t be enough to make a big life challenging project. However, those plus a #W2W approach can create a great thing.

I decided to ask women to sit with me on a couch and talk about their business life. Amazing! how many wonderful women immediately said yes.

I wasn’t prepared that over 90% of businesswomen, mumpreneurs and women leaders in Luxembourg will say yes. And that the remaining part will say ”yes but not now cause I am in the middle of something, but remind me later”.

Soon, you will have a chance to see stories of wonderfully brave women and see their power and understand what they do.

I will give you more details soon.


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