May was busy, but worth it…

I am so sorry I had been silent lately, but I got to admit that in May many things happened.

1. I became a host of LINKEDINLOCAL and that will be happening on 5th July in Luxembourg, more details will follow soon and I will let you know for sure about it. In meantime feel free to pop into my LINKED IN profile and like my new role 🙂

2. I have creates a meetup group where you will be able to see where you can meet me. Here is the link I would love to see you joining me there.

3. I also became more engaged in a new Toastmasters Club in Luxembourg – Pitch Craft 4 Entrepreneurs and I am so happy to share with you the news that I am the VP Public Relations for this amazing club. Gaining great experience and learning a lot of new things. If you are around in Luxembourg pop into our next meeting that is tomorrow 5th June at the Office – co-working space. You can see for details here.

4. I would like to share my latest youtube. Here it is 🙂 I share there some insights of the Toastmasters meeting that I participated lately. Do not forget to subscribe to the channel and you will get the info whenever the new video pops in.

5. I am in the middle of preparation of the new things that will hopefully start soon appearing on my profile. I can tell you already a bit about what is that as I will be sharing it with you soon with more details.
– I am almost ready to post on youtube the 1st interview I recorded already some months ago.
– I am waiting for my new microphone so I could record a good quality podcast. It would be interconnected with the youtube and be there for those who do not have time to sit and watch but still would like to hear me.
– I am building the list of 99 questions for the 1st summer edition of 99 questions to Katy D, topics you can ask me about are connected to public speaking, leadership and personal branding. I will answer those questions randomly starting on the 1st day of summer 2018. If you have something you would like to ask me about just drop me an email at
– I am preparing little questionnaire that will help you get the clearance on the personal branding aspects. I hope to get it ready in June but as I am still a bit of perfectionist it takes me long hours to review it and re-review it again 🙂 Will send you the outcome as soon as it is ready.

That is it as comes to what happened in May.

What will come in June…. I do plan to work more on my marketing strategy as I feel it is a bit chaotic at the moment. Also having all the new roles I need to re-built my priority list.

Let me know what are your plans and goals for June.

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