Do you wear colour?

Do you wear colour?
For years I have been wearing red shoes instead of ordinary black to the finance office.
But not only red high heels (despite my height already). I have been wearing red sneakers, red lipstick, red jacket, red scarf, red hat…
Why? Not because I want to be visible. Oh, believe me, it is not the red clothes that make me visible
I have been wearing this colour because I love it. It is what makes me ME, what gives me energy and keep me happy.
People say “You are too colourful”. I get that a lot, but in such moments I just smile and say “This is me. I am colourful and happy.” They can like me choose their own way and choose to be different, unique themselves… or they can just keep to their own grey road. I choose to be ME, I choose to be colourful, I choose to keep going my own path.
”but it is the business world,” they say.
So what…
If you like me for how I work, how I support you to develop the business and career of your dreams. If you see, while working with me that you get towards goals you set earlier, you will understand that I am much more than
How about you? What makes you – YOU?
Let me know…
Love this photo made by DELANO at the event in March 2018
#leaderinheels #coaching #businessdevelopment #businesscoachig #edutainer #beyourselfinbusiness #womeninbusiness

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