Last month was…

How often do you make a summary of your goals?

It took me 5 days to find a moment and record it. As you will notice in the recording I am in my car and using a couple of minutes in between meetings.

I am a goal driven person and I know that goals do not count without review, conclusions and resetting.

I would like to share with you my monthly summary. I believe it is a great way to share what I do and how I do it. I also believe that some you might find it inspirational and will support your drive to become the CEO of your own life.

If you prefer you can watch it here

or keep going reading …

How I do it?

I answer myself 5 #coaching questions:

  1. What happened?
  2. What am I proud of?
  3. What I could do better?
  4. What are my conclusions?
  5. What are my goals for the next month?

What happened?

I hold a workshop about the goals setting. I kept it small and worked with 3 amazing ladies who appeared at the workshop. It was great to work with them on their coming year goals and help them create the path of how to achieve them.

I also managed to record for you more movies than planned, and shortly week by week will revile them to you.

What am I proud of?

The biggest pride is that I followed my plan and work off my do to list one by one. This helped me build my determination for the next action points. Each person I spoke with and each action I took built my confidence and challenged my deepest fears. I realized that things are terrifying until you make things happen.

I also managed to ask some amazing women to join my new project for YouTube interviews. I will not tell you more, but it will be some inspirational mix of people and stories.

What I could do better?

I could stick more to my morning plan and evening routine. I did well, but I know that additional 10 minutes in bed will not save me as much as additional 10 minutes of biking or meditation.

I also could stop using my 16 months son as an excuse of not having times to other things and make the time I spend with him a 100% for him instead of thinking of what I should be doing now for my business.

There are also many ideas and valuable post sitting in my drawer that I could share with you already in January and I didn’t. Better planning should be set in place for that part to make it move to being proud off J

My conclusions…

The more we keep in action and less let our mind questioning our actions the more we can achieve

My goals for February…

  • –        Keep focus on steps I set myself
  • –       Build and keep my morning and evening routines
  • –       Record at least one movie for the new YouTube project
  • –       Provide another workshop in Luxembourg
  • –       Record and post some insights from the workshop I provided in January

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