What can you do to develop yourself free of charge?


It took me a while to create and upload my #1stvideo (#linkedInVideo) it as I was looking for a topic that would be valuable to everybody around.

The right topic came to be in a form of question asked by my friends, my clients, my prospects and even by strangers just met at a networking event.

The question is:

“What shall I do if I want to develop myself, my skills and my knowledge, be a better version of myself and achieve my goals and live the life of my dreams, but I don’t have yet the money to invest in one-2-one #coaching or #workshops?”

Believe me, there are many things you can do without investing a lot of money. The only thing you would need to invest is time. My path of change and self-development started with free of charge tools. If I found those you can find it too…

What are those inexpensive sources of self-development are

watch the video

or keep on reading

First of all…

… there are blogs and youtube movies like mine that provide you with content totally free of charge. The only investment from your side is the time you need to find to read or watch it.

Second of all…

… you can find also many books that could help you understand the topic you like. As you have books about fixing cars you can also find some about living the life of your dream, about personal development, about building leadership and other skills. You also do not need to buy those books. You can find a library or check with friends maybe they have one sitting on their shelf.

Third of all…

… webinars, those are much less expensive and more time efficient than physical workshops. You will miss for sure the interactions between people, but if you will follow all exercises that are there you can for sure gain a lot and build your confident steps towards the change.

Now you know what to do. This is exactly how I started my own development over 5 years ago. Today I can say it was a great start to understanding where I am and where I want to be.

no more excuses

get it going



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