overcome your fear – my 1st youtube

It took me much more than I expected, but it only makes me more proud that achieved it by myself. I know it might not be perfect, but I am happy I recorded it and posted on youtube. There are goals and challenges we put in front of us and it is up to us to make it happen.

Each movie I watched in the cinema I tend to stay until the very last moment. I do not do it because of “maybe there will be something funny in the end”, that only is my own bonus. I do stay to acknowledge all people who were present during the whole production of the movie. My friends often feel annoyed by that, but they stay along (at least for a while). At the moment, when I did my first youtube recording, I would like to congratulate all movie makers for their achievements.

Today, when I know how time-consuming and not so easy movie making is (and my movie is less than 10minutes), I am full of pride for all those amazing people who give us a chance to see great stories on the big screen. If you got a moment to hear my story, take a look here

There will never be a perfect moment to overcome you fear
Click onthe link to watch it

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