3 main conversation rules

Dear Manager,

How often do you listen to your staff?

How often do you stop judging and making assumptions?

How often do you simply ask others how they are doing? Not the “How are you?” that is often used instead of “Hello,” and the moment people realize that you were talking to them, you are already long gone, in your office, and checking emails. I meant a real “How are you?” after which you would like to hear what is up and how they feel today.

Next time, take a moment of your precious managerial time and stop next to his or her desk, ask this simple question, and listen for a moment with interest, aware of what they are saying.

Dear Employee,

When was the last time that you listened actively to your manager? Not only to hear what you have to do, but carefully understand what is behind the task. Why was it you who was asked to do it? If your boss never told you, have you ever taken a moment to ask him about the purpose of the task?

In reality, you feel that your manager is delegating the task without acknowledging you and your job. You feel like a part of a machine, not like a human being.

I will ask again: Have you actively listened to your manager? Did he ask how you were? Did he tell you that you are good at what you have been doing?

Next time, listen carefully to each word. Maybe there was praise, but you just missed it.

3 rules basic rules are…

There are three main rules that you should follow in each conversation. If you understand and use these, you will be able to clear up most of misunderstandings.


If you enter a conversation, speak clearly. Do not chew anything when the sentence is leaving your mouth. Be clear in the sounds that you make, but also be clear in the thoughts that you are talking about. Speaking clearly is something that should support your statement. Not being clear can only create more trouble. To make sure that you were clear, you can ask others if they understood you well, or how they see the case at the moment.


Listening to one another is important, just as much as talking. Without listening, the conversation of two (or more) people makes no sense, and can be called thinking because you can do it by yourself. Communication is not only about what you have to say, it is mostly about acknowledging what the other side has to say and understanding them.


This last bit of advice seems obvious, but at the same time, many people forget it. Do not speak when others are doing so. If more than one person is talking at the same time, it will sound like a fight, not like a responsible business conversation.

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