My cat took a morning off – I didn’t


Every day as an entrepreneur I learn new things about my surroundings, about how things work, about myself.

And every day I feel more happy,

                                                   more empowered,

                                                              more confident.

Someone told me that knowing what you want to do is a 50% of success. The rest is a combinationof 3 things: hard work, hard work, hard work. It doesn’t matter if that is the research you do, training you go to or calling the potential client, you are working all the time to build your own future.

Today my cat took a morning off and slept 4 hours in a row until a fly disturbed her sleap. I took my morning to work on my entrepreneurial life.

I read an article about type A and B Managers, spoke with 5 potential coaching clients, emailed 20 corporate contacts with a training offer, wrote an article for a blog, prepared pictures for it, had an actual coaching call with a client, prepared invitation for my comming up trainings, updated my to -do list for the next two weeks and prepared a game for a strategy training.

Yes, I have been bussy.

Now I am off to lunch that could bring me great business contacts.


And how was your morning?

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