One of my friends was moving from country to country at least once every 2 years. Moreover, she changes an apartment she lives in once a year. I finally manged to sit with her over a coffee and ask her: why?

“I am not happy.” She said.


During the long conversation we she listed her jobs she didn’t like so she changed it, she mention why each apartment turned out to be bad and depressing, and many more reasons that made her move countries because she is said.


In the end we came to conclusion that she was trying to change the wrong thing. She was changing her surroundings, but never her attitude. We came to conclusion: You will never be happy unless you will be happy with yourself.

Today she is in happy, she moved back to Ireland, got the job she loves and bought the house. She is just starting her 3rd year of being at one place and she is truly happy with herself.


How about you? What makes you happy with yourself?

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