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One day in Paris…

I love to visit Paris and sit on the stairs next to Sacre Coeur. Very often there is a guy who does amazing things with the ball. People clap their hands, give him some money, record what he does and make pictures, but some look away as if they could do the same. When the ball flies away there is always someone who brings it back. Then there is a moment when he starts climbing up the lamp … I keep my breath when he hangs there and I am amazed each time of his talent.

It all is a simple metaphor of people’s career.

has a talent – amazing things with the ball

practice, practice, practice … – very often there is a guy

is admired by some – People clap their hands

is can be seen as a threat to someone – some look away

has mentors and support – someone who brings the ball back

climbs up – climbs up the lamp

I wish you all to know your talent

and climb up your own lamp…

Categories #career, mentoring, motivation

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