We learn everyday!


It had been a while since my last post…

I took this time to learn a new skill – being a mother. At the beginning it was not an easy role to play. It seemed much easier to do my first training or meet with my first coaching client than having my first baby. To this task there is no textbook, no blueprint, no rules… Ok… maybe there are some rules but not as detailed to answer each time the greatest question “Why is he crying?”.

It had been over a month already and I can admit that every day I am a better mother, a stronger person and I know more. I never realize that from such a little person you can learn so much.

This whole situation just made me realize even more that everyday in life is giving us an experience we learn from. Each moment can help us grow. The only thing is that we need to want to change and adjust to the new situation.

I am slowly getting used to having a third person in the house and day by day I manage to come back to my business. It is a matter of learning and organising oneself.

What I want to tell you in this story that…

…each life changing moment is an experience, but it is only up to us how we are going to use it to develop our lives.

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