Seize even smallest opportunity

Small opportunities are often the beginnigng of great achievements

Seize the day and each opportunity that is given to you

I hope you keep your eyes opened so you can notice even the smallest opportunity that is on your way.

When I was in school there was opportunity to travel to Vienna, Prague and Budapest. If it wasn’t for this trip I would never realize how much I love to travel and meet people, their culture, their food and their lives.

When I was studding I got an opportunity to spend half a year abroad. I had to make a choice between Ireland and Finland. I chose the second one because it was so different climate and culture. It was great choice. Not even I studied with great people from many other countries, drove a bike in minus 30 Celsius and afterwards warmed up in the great sauna. I also swam in the lake in the winter, visited Santa Clause village and learned how to ice-skate. Moreover I visited not only whole Finland but also Sweden, Norway, Estonia and a tiny part of Russia.

After graduating from University I got a chance to work in Luxembourg, where I now live, work and love.

Each tiny opportunity drove my life to amazing places, helped me meet wonderful people and got me to write this post.

This post is for you…

…so you could also reach for those small opportunities and achieve big goals.

Think of it as a seed that opens to the world and gives a chance for a tree to become strong. Pick up this little seed next time you see it. Remember it is you and you only who can make a change in your life.

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