7 tips – How to make meeting time profitable?


7th of July and I have 7 tips for you on how to manage you meeting to make it time profitable

Many people think that they don’t have enough time to do all the things they planned. There are many schools, many trainings and many books that teach you how to manage your time. But believe me, one training or one book will not prolong the time you have during the day.

It took me a while to understand that in reality I cannot manage time. It will float anyway, even if I take out the batteries from my watch. What I can do (and so can you) is to manage myself in the time I am given. If I have just 1 minute to present myself I can do it with confidence and bravery or I can wander around with questioning myself. The question really is what will help me make it happen.

In the corporate world people have less time to sit on meetings and less time to do business.

You got into that meeting and have a chance to shine. There are, however, small things you can do on the meeting to make it more powerful and to be able to follow up afterwards with your potential partner.

What are those things?

  1. Be an active listener – if you put your full attention to the conversation you will see you can win more if you listen to the person. If you are active in listening you can make better notes or even interrupt the person to clarify things you did not fully understand.
  2. Notes – if you can, take some notes on paper. Scrap in questions, ideas, and key words that appear while others are talking.
  3. What matters? – teach your inner voice to ask: will this information be necessary for me in a weeks’ time? If not… Leave it out. Do not take a note on it. Do not keep it in your mind. Do not ask questions or comment on it. If it doesn’t matter for you it will not matter to your business or career development.
  4. Summarise – keep it short (even less than 1 minute) to summarise the meeting
  5. STOP – if you have a feeling that the other person is overloading the conversation with personal stories and you are losing more time sitting in that meeting, do not hesitate to politely say STOP. Get the conversation in your hands. Get back to the topic of your interest. Get back to the important part.
  6. Meeting bullet points before – prepare yourself shortly. One minute to prepare bullet points that you do not want to forget about, questions you want to be answered, information you would like to present.
  7. Bullet points after – jot down most important to-dos or follow-ups. This short operation will help you come back to the outcome of the meeting even a month after it happened.

If you have more ideas of quick support to a meeting going smooth, do not hesitate to put those in comments. I would love your input on that.

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