Career: Dress for success


The way you dress is important for the life you choose.

If you want to work in a bank or take a high position in a production company, you would not wear dirty trousers, a wrinkled t-shirt and sloppy shoes for the interview. Even if you would get the job you would need to take care of the clothes you choose to wear to the office and meetings.

Even on the red carpet that leads to the Oscars gala, stars are immediately judged on what they are wearing. Is it nice? Does it fit the Oscars? Is it proper?

How about the job interview?

I remember one interview in my life when the manager who presented me with the amazing finance company that I always dreamed to work with wore wrinkled, pink polo t-shirt with the trace of an old stain in the middle. I understand that it was the bank’s casual Friday, but for me it was a fully business meeting. I made a quick judgement on the way he looked. I could not associate him with the business world I wanted to enter and when the company wanted me to join their team, I didn’t feel like saying ‘yes’ anymore.

On the other hand, you can wear all the amazing clothes of the world: Louboutin shoes, Hugo Boss suits and always have a perfect haircut, but clothes are not everything and you should have a bit of knowledge in your head to present yourself with.

Don’t forget to be yourself!

I have worked in the corporate world for several years. The world where suits, high heels and black, grey and white are seen as most suitable. There was a moment when I said NO, I need some colour to make my day energetic and efficient. I added red, green and blue, and realized people smile to me more often. I added orange and yellow, and observed a shock on their faces, but at the same time some admiration. I combined a striped top with a floral skirt and got a wow effect. On top of that I always added my smile, nodded when others spoke and answered to their question in the professional way.

Achiever mindset

As much as I never wanted to wear things everybody thought would bring you to the top, I was successful in all interviews I entered, because I have changed my mindset towards others and towards the role I wanted to have. Choosing what to wear makes me think about what I want to achieve today. It is important to wear proper clothes when you are at an interview or want to sign the most important contract for your company, but don’t do it against yourself. If you want to add something that presents the real you, it is even better if you do it. After all if you get this job, contract or a client you dreamed of because you wore what you were expected to, you will quickly realize that after all it is not the one you would like to work with and will quickly start looking for a change.

Be confident!

Be yourself!

Be amazing!

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