EVENT: ICT Spring 2016


Yesterday ICTSpring

Yesterday I spent a day at the ICTSpring Europe, an amazing event for development of start-ups and innovators in Luxembourg. I listened to the pitching session organized by DolcerHolding. It was great to hear how innovative people are and how well their businesses support financial world, but not only. I spoke with great people from Luxinnovation and Technoport and felt the great vibe of people who are there to change something in the world.


I do not remember now who exactly said it, but I felt inspired by the following words:

“We should not compare Luxembourg to any other start-up hub city. Places like London or Berlin have their own offer that is unique and Luxembourg has it too. What we need is more people to talk about how amazing and unique Luxembourg is and what can it do for entrepreneurs.”

Luxembourg’s assets:

– financial centre great for fintech innovations

– low taxes

– extremely international

– small but vibrant

Story of change

I have been living in Luxembourg since over 9 years. I am very happy to see how this little country has evolved over those years. Parts of the city where cows grazed just next to the huge arteria are now filled with office buildings. It used to be difficult to understand how to start a start-up here, but the country is now booming with specialized organizations supporting innovations. More venture capitalists and business angels are visible and offer their knowledge and support. The ‘petit’ Luxembourg is growing stronger each day.

Today I am coming back for more awesome information.

Thank you so much for such a great event!

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