Leadership: The Leader

LEADERSHIP is not possition or title - it is action and example



I have experienced an amazing feeling while watching the football match on 11 October 2015. It was the last qualifying match for EURO 2016 in France. Both teams, Poland and Ireland, started the game with high hopes for victory. Both played amazing football and the whole game was just a pleasure to watch. Poland won! Better!? Faster!? Stronger!?

However, I am not here to discuss football, but to share with you a little observation.

I have been watching EURO and WORLD CUP football championships since 2006 with excitement, but also with a bit of psychological observation of some of those teams. I remember Poland in 2006. People were happy and proud that the team qualified, and the team was … OK. Each player wanted to be a STAR. They played a bit as if they were against each other, not with each other. Ball not precisely passed, no logic in the strategy, tactics that seemed not understood even by players.

What I saw lately- was different; different in a good sense. The team had a leader who was not their coach standing on the side of the field, but their team-mate. He run with them, scored with them and in the end was celebrating with them. This lead player is someone who is great in solo actions and, moreover, superb in passing to others. At this game I saw not only a well-prepared Polish football team, but a great example of a charismatic leader.

It was not a leader who wanted to be a star. It was a leader who wanted his team to be a winner. Everybody danced with the ball, passed it and scored. I hope for more games of the Polish team like this.


I wish you all, dear managers…

  • to be able to find this power in yourselves
  • to become true leaders of your teams
  • to be the example and the support to others
  • to be proud and happy because your team is learning, gaining new clients and  finalizing tough projects

Stop thinking about yourself for a moment and think instead about what you can do for your team.



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