Monday Motivation 29 Feb 2016

To be able to lead others, a man must be willing to go furhter alone

I am not saying that you are totally alone, but you cannot be equal to your teammates either. What makes you a manager is that your role is no longer do the process, it is to review it and motivate your team to make the process well.

You have people who report to you and follow your lead. Even if you are managing just one out of several teams and received guidance from higher managers, you still keep alone in front of your team. I am sure you wished for it and wanted to become a manger, but did you know that the responsibility you have now is more than you could imagine. You are not a manager only to explain procedures. You will be a mentor, a coach and a team builder during this great journey.

So don’t cry about standing there alone and enjoy the new responsibility you have been given.

Categories leadership, motivation

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