Keep your focus


I have met many entrepreneurs and startup CFO’s in the last couple of months. They are all amazing, trying to pursue their dreams. Unfortunately, they often want to kill too many birds with one stone. They want to be CFO, CFO, CMO… At the same time they say they need to cut costs, and so they devote their time to learn something they will never be good at on the level they wish. They lose focus and time. Their dreams become a nightmare and they fail.

You can’t be an accountant, a lawyer, a designer, a marketer, a sales person, an engineer, a hairdresser, a cleaner and a lorry driver all at the same time. You need to find what you are good at, what you feel like doing, what makes you happy and strong. I know that just having an idea doesn’t create a multi-million company, but you are the one who has this idea, so DO NOT lose focus. Create a strong knowledge base around what you want to do. Develop the area and become a convincing expert in the role you like to play in your company. Once you are excellent in this and clients are trusting you and recommending you to others, find some support to do the other task and delegate.

I have spent several years in various finance companies, but I know that in my own business I will look for someone else to manage my invoices, books and tax returns. I don’t want to lose my focus, which is YOU. I am sure you wouldn’t like to hear me saying: Sorry, I need to do my bookkeeping, so lets keep today’s session short. I simply can’t be the jack of all trades. Yes, I do know how to manage finances of a company. It was one of the reasons I started training and coaching business myself. However, I’d rather spend more time getting to know your company’s goals and strategy, so that I can help your company grow. Keep the focus. If you want to make shoes, make the best shoes in the world. If you want to be a web designer, be the most creative one in the world! If you want to have a CPA office, be the best accountant in the whole world.

I want to be a business trainer and a coach. I stopped the ACCA, CFA and other financial examinations. Instead, I followed an MBA course to understand the leaders of the business world, and I enrolled for a trainer certification programme to know more about how to help you and your business grow.

I keep my focus and so should you!




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