Are you ready to change?

CHANGE(1)I have to admit: I am addicted to change. I love meeting new people, visiting new places and taking up new challenges. This keeps me vibrant and motivated. Ever since I can remember I encouraged people to change their lives and move towards new adventures with a smile on their faces.

I know that for most people change is something much too unknown to go for it. They prefer to keep the job they have, even if this is not what they have dreamed of. They keep smiling, although their situation in life does not make them happy. They stick to the status quo instead of making the best of life.

Being afraid of change is normal and sometimes you need a helping hand to make the first step.

When I look back to when I was a child, I remember I was always eager to learn new things that amazed me. I was happy to discover life and I lived every day of my life. When I got older I had some bad experiences and got terrified that I would never be able to get where I wanted to be and to make my dreams come true. The fear was almost paralyzing. But I quickly realized that change is important in our lives. So, with my masters diploma in my hand I moved to Luxembourg, got an amazing job and have met the loveliest people. I have changed everything I could in my live: the country I live in, my job, my routines, the language I speak daily, the currency I use. Whenever I needed to make the move to the unknown I remembered this little girl to help me out, to motivate me towards the amazing, unknown, wonderful, strange and beautiful things that are waiting for me around the corner of change.

Step by step I have got to the point when I realized that change is good. It is refreshing and creates opportunities. Change has made me a grown-up, strong woman ready to nail it. I empower myself with every step I make towards change.

What about you?

Do you seek change or do you prefer to hide from it?

Do you feel stuck in one place and only relatively happy with your life?

Think about change and take a step towards it. You are the master of your life and only you can make this step.

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