fun workshops and engaging coaching workouts for you if...

If you are a manager who would like to be an engaging and true leader for your team... If you like to speak but do not know how to manage the stage and the crowd... If you like to Build Your Personal Brand, to reflect your work in the eyes of others... I am here to help you build your leadership skills

How can I help you?

I save people from boring workshop, boring presentations and boring speeches.

Haha! Yes, I am not a 44slides in 1-hour person. I am for using fewer slides and more interactive tools and exercises. After all, the message is not about how I deliver it, but how you gonna receive it and use it in the future.

I help you create an engaging speech that you will deliver with confidence and receive loud applause. I also deliver motivation and keynote speeches around leadership and branding topics. I love online branding especially with the use of LinkedIn and Instagram. I want you to realize that you already have a brand and the way you create an online and offline presence around people is how your brand can truly stand out.

Most of all I help managers become true leaders, I support the way they communicate with clients and teams, I build their confidence and help them truly manage and create the most efficient and happy teams they can.



How I work?

You can see more details about the current products in the service tab, however, I can tell you already how I work with my amazing clients.


– engaging workshop in your company

– me-2-you coaching session

– speech at your event

We can speak over the phone, skype or zoom or you can just leave me a message here and I will come back to you.



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