supporting development of managers into true leaders

boosting your team communication, engagement and creativity

helping you build your confidence, developing your brand, achieving peak performance in business and life

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We provide…

Executive coaching

Do you want to take a step to another level in your business or career? Looking for inspiration and encouragement? Working with a coach is the way to achieve more and live at your peak performance. It is only you who can make a choice and change your own life. Coaching exists to help you find the right map for your goals.

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Inspiring speech

Book Katy – the edutainer speaker to inspire your team to become better, stronger and more efficient in their actions. Based on her own stories and those that inspired her she will pick up your team on a journey that teaches and engages.

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Workshops for Individuals

Me, myself and I was the initial idea to support your confidence, overcome your limiting beliefs and set the map towards your better self.

Other topics came along – goals, speech, personal branding, money. All those workshops are for you to sit down and find time to plan, grow and make a change.

Workshops for Companies and Groups

You choose a topic and the length of the program (half day, full day, recurring program), we take care of the rest. Edutainment is to educate and entertain. The workshops engage all attendees and let them develop their skills, build their communication and provide tools they can you every day. Using interactive and creative tools help your team achieve the learning goals quicker and keep it for longer.

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Team building

Looking to boost communication and connection with your team? The best way to do it would be to get them out of the office and engage in the game. You will see them in the different light and be able to get to know better their strengths. You all will communicate and enjoy the fun.

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We work with…

Managers who seek development and improvement of their communication and people & processes management skills.

Teams that look for development of skills and engaging with each other. Teams who know they can do more, better and efficient.

Start-ups and small businesses who look to achieve higher goals and reach their peak potential.

People like you, who seek to understand who they are, what they want and how they can achieve it.

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